Marketing and Sales Content Distribution

The Juice is a turnkey content syndication platform that allows demand and content marketers to get more engagement and leads from their current catalog of content. The platform distributes content to a net new, relevant, and opted-in audience actively seeking to learn more about the subjects that connect with your brand. This elegant platform allows your brand to "own" your channel, distribute relevant content, collect data on the content usage seamlessly added to your CRM, and integrate effectively with the rest of your marketing stack.

How will THE JUICE change your Go-to-Market?

  • New Way to Get Content to Your Audience: The Juice provides a modern and sophisticated way of reaching new audiences with content when they want to learn.
  • Increase Pipeline and Conversions: Customers are reporting 480% ROI from sourced revenue from their content on the platform.
  • Minimal Effort: The Juice team is able to quickly organize and present your content with little to no effort from their customers. Their Turnkey solution will immediately provide pipeline improvement from the assets you have already generated.

Top 3 Features

  • No Lift Content Distribution

    The Juice automatically syncs with your content sources - your blog, resources hub, YouTube channel, and more. You keep publishing content in your owned channels, and without any additional effort, that content is automatically cataloged and curated on The Juice.
  • Grow your Content Following

    The Juice collects, catalogs, and distributes content posted on your website to your followers, tracking performance and providing feedback on what drives engagement.
  • Metrics Dashboard

    The Metrics Dashboard has a rolling four weeks of engagement, audience, and demand generation by persona, industry, etc. It provides leads to SDR teams for outbound engagement and connects your content directly to ROI opportunities.

Customers see a 480% ROI using content they already produce

Ideal for...
  • Demand Marketers
  • Content Marketers
  • Sales Leaders
  • Business Development Teams

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