ML-powered Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) discovery and revenue predictions

Across verticals, less than 40% of revenue-generating ICs and teams are hitting quota. In addition, over 80% of companies are seeing a slowing in their Sales Velocity and 'issues with forecasting' is often cited in the top 3 challenges businesses are facing today. Not having a clear understanding of your Ideal Customer not only causes top-of-funnel misalignment, it damages your ability to understand the true health of your revenue pipeline and how to optimize it for better revenue generation.

How will OpenGTM change your Go-to-Market?

  • Grow Revenue with better Ideal Customer Profile Identification: Discover their true and ranked Ideal Customer criteria based on your own data and overlayed with their AI engine. Drive your revenue growth and increase GTM efficiency.
  • Renewal and Expansion Prediction & Guidance: Help your customer teams find potential challenges and opportunities in your renewal pipeline. Helping CSMs and CS leaders to better predict client outcomes and prioritize their efforts accordingly (like a sales person would).
  • Reset your Sales Timeline Predictions: See valuable predictions based on your ICP and the current state of all deals in your pipeline such as predicted quota attainment, propensity to win, predicted close date, ICP fit, predicted close amount, and more.

Top 3 Features

  • Ideal Customer Fit Score

    Align each deal to the data-backed ICP generated from your successfully closed deals (CRM). See which deals are worth your time, and which deals don't fit your current success paradigm.
  • Close Predictions

    On a deal by deal basis, AI-powered insights will predict the close date and amount of each deal in your CRM. Additionally, GTM leaders can see these revenue projections for their companies and teams.
  • Propensity to Win

    Even when working deals outside of your ICP, understand how successful opportunistic deals will be and how much effort you should put into closing that business.

ICP data-powered opportunity scoring, and winning higher-intent deals

Ideal for...
  • Sales Leaders
  • Account Executives (AEs)
  • Revenue Operations
  • Customer Success Leaders
  • Customer Success Managers
  • Marketing Leaders

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