Own your topic in the SERP

With the proliferation of content being created, showing search engines that you are the expert on a topic is getting more complicated. Search engines have published that they favor helpful content with topical authority. So, creating high-quality content on the right topics, based on your topical authority, is pivotal in impacting your rankings, customer trust, and, ultimately, revenue. In addition, managing your content strategy can be an extremely manual process, pulling information from multiple systems. MarketMuse has up-leveled the process of creating content that will drive Go-to-Market outcomes with content.

How will MARKETMUSE change your Go-to-Market?

  • Improve Content Efficiency: MarketMuse helps organizations increase their content efficiency by using personalized metrics and AI to identify the highest-impact content to create or update.
  • Plan the Customer Journey: Teams must often assume which content influences behavior at various buying cycle stages. MarketMuse allows you to apply science to ensure you are getting the most out of your content.
  • Focus on Rankings that will Matter Most: Using data and AI, MarketMuse helps you identify what is causing poor keyword rankings and prioritize what content or topics to focus on and why.

Top 3 Features

  • Competitive Content Analysis

    The SERP X-Ray + Compete tools give you full visibility into top SERPs and competitive sites. Know exactly what is missing and close those gaps with quality content. This will allow you to beat the competition and rank higher when it matters most.
  • Prioritizing Content

    Only chase content topics that will move the needle. Reduce the time and effort in the research process, and remove subjectivity on "what is working." Finally, as your content grows, ensure you are working on the right items to drive more pipeline and revenue.
  • Optimize

    Provides personalized insights on how to improve even your best-performing articles and identify at-risk pages that have low authority to show your audience (and Google) that you’re an expert.

Create competitive, high-performing content

Ideal for...
  • Demand Marketers
  • Content Marketers
  • SEO Teams
  • Business Development Teams

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