Write better emails with AI 🦾

Lavender is an AI email coach that is empowering sellers in their prospecting. Lavender pioneered the use of generative AI for sales emails, and improves email efficiency without sacrificing the key personal touches required to make it an effective form of communication. Using Lavender will improve open rates, increase response rates, and help you build meaningful relationships with your prospects and customers via email.

How will LAVENDER change your Go-to-Market?

  • Lavender is making Email Outreach Fun: Lavender is user-friendly with a low starting barrier. Salespeople describe email writing as a "joy" and highlight confidence they gain from using the tool and getting better the more they use it. Finally, the Lavender coaching dashboard motivates teams to compare email results and continuously improve their emails and writing over time.
  • It is Where your Team is Working: Lavender seamlessly integrates with email solutions, LinkedIn, and other communication tools.
  • Creates a Great Experience for your Email Recipients: Email is a critical part of any customer journey. Readers who receive emails with a resonating tone, relevant personalization, and copy that is short in length and mobile-optimized, are more likely to reply and have a positive experience.

Top Features

  • The AI Email Coach

    Lavender finds and fixes anything that will hurt your chance of receiving a reply.
  • Personalization Assistant

    Lavender suggests personalized intros and shows prospect news, data, and insights quickly.
  • Generative AI provides foundation

    In lieu of starting from a blank page or a template, Lavender uses OpenAI's ChatGPT-3 to get the email started, allowing your team to focus on the part that matters most: personalization.
  • Team Email Intelligence

    Lavender empowers managers to coach using real data-backed insights and success stories, motivating your teams and improving morale.

Sales Email Coach & Personalization Assistant

Ideal for...
  • Sales and Sales Leadership
  • Business Development Teams
  • Customer Success Leadership
  • Customer Success Teams
  • Demand Marketers

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