Marketing platform built for the modern data stack

Marketing automation platforms are typically centered around an Inbound or Outbound Go-to-Market Motion. However, with 4 other go-to-market motions, technology updates are needed to account for the variety of customer journey options. Created by the team that brought you Bizible, is a marketing automation solution for the modern data stack. Primarily serving companies with a product-led motion, Inflection makes it easy to create marketing campaigns, product onboarding, and expansion journeys that drive pipeline, activation, and expansion.

How will INFLECTION change your Go-to-Market?

  • Efficient Marketing for an Efficient Sale: Often the most efficient marketing you can do is to your current customers. Inflection takes a page from the efficiency of inbound targeting, this time using the intricate data set needed to power PLG campaigns to ensure marketing has high output and ROI.
  • Create Customer Journeys to Complement your Product Journey: Transition users back into your product to increase engagement, driving more opportunities for revenue expansions.
  • Reduce the Cost of Highly Personalized Communication: Automate your customer onboarding by integrating data and segmenting properly to ensure users get onboarded fully and avoid churned users.

Top 3 Features

  • Customer Journeys

    PLG customer journeys can be extremely varied. Inflection provides the variables and decision trees needed to facilitate customized and scalable experiences for your users.
  • Activate

    Orchestrate multi-segment email campaigns designed by marketers (not support teams) that will meet your users where they are at in the process and continue to communicate value where they are.
  • Expansion

    Scale your customized customer communications, providing contextually relevant opportunities to grow together.

Built for the modern data stack

Ideal for...
  • VP of Demand
  • Marketing Operations
  • Revenue Operations
  • Success Leadership
  • Product

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