Turn your roadmaps to revenue

Ignition has created a robust solution to the ever-mounting complexity of running a successful and efficient Go-to-Market program. Starting with the decision to create a specific feature or product and then planning and monitoring the execution of all aspects of the product lifecycle, including the development process, the marketing plans, the sales enablement, the customer experience, and finally, the impact on revenue. Their AI-powered technology allows teams to quickly create and execute a flawless Go-to-Market blending the art and science of revenue generation into a complete package.

How will IGNITION change your Go-to-Market?

  • Align GTM Holistically: Plan and execute GTM initiatives end-to-end with a comprehensive platform that integrates and unifies workflows across product, marketing, and revenue teams for a more repeatable process that aligns teams around new GTM initiatives.
  • Improve NRR: Capture hidden upsell and retention opportunities by closing the Sales<>Product loop; automatically surface product gaps from presale conversations and notify commercial teams when deal-blocking features ship to make sure opps close.
  • Reduce Tech Stack Complexity: This all-in-one solution covers competitive monitoring, roadmapping, GTM planning, sales enablement widgets, and reporting.

Top 3 Features

  • Connect Roadmaps to Revenue

    Connect CRM data to product roadmaps to align commercial and product teams. AI automatically surfaces deal-blocking feature gaps onto roadmaps, then automatically notifies reps with a target account list when they ship.
  • Build Repeatable GTM Plans in Minutes

    Quickly generate best-practice-based GTM plans which adapt to your goals and centralize fragmented planning. Align the team around a centralized view of strategy, timelines, and progress, with repeatability baked-in.
  • Automate Enablement

    Ignition’s ChatGTM AI allows for instant answers to critical enablement questions, while integrations with CRMs, email, and Slack easily push enablement materials like marketing collateral to revenue teams where they work.

Eliminate the chaos of new GTM initiatives

Ideal for...
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Chief Product Officer
  • Product Management
  • Product Marketing
  • Sales Leadership
  • Success Leadership