Customer-Led Growth Infrastructure

Foresight's elegant and user-centric solution addresses a widespread challenge for service and software providers: enhancing Customer Success Managers' (CSMs) ability to track verified outcomes and deliver greater value to their customers to drive retention and expansion. It surpasses traditional measures of customer health by offering a mutual success plan built on a customer's perception of value across all stakeholders and a clear path forward. By introducing first party Customer Value Data, Foresight makes it easy for Enterprise CS teams to connect customer needs to outcomes and execute a strategic, value-oriented engagement model.

change your Go-to-Market?

  • Better Meetings: Drive value with every client meeting with the tools to capture, action, and present client value data
  • Better Outcomes: Ensure every rep can maximize the LTV of every account with a clear, data-driven story of value realization
  • Data-Driven GTM: Align all GTM stakeholders (Product, Marketing, Sales) with the client value data

Top 3 Features

  • Value Assessments

    Distributed pre-meeting engage key stakeholders to understand their priorities and how well your solutions support them.
  • Mutual Success Plans

    Prepare and communicate the specific actions being taken to address your customers biggest priorities, negating churn risks and driving upsells & expansions
  • Market Insights

    Align all GTM stakeholders with a single-source-of-truth of customer needs and experiences. Proactively identify product gaps, track changes in client sentiment and make data-driven GTM decisions in real time.

Foresight's Client Benchmark Report

Ideal for...
  • Chief Customer Officer
  • Chief Revenue Officer
  • Head of Customer Success
  • Head of Account Management

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