Generate Pipeline, Win Deals, Protect Revenue

Falkon is an intelligent revenue automation platform that enables GTM teams to optimize their entire revenue lifecycle - from pipeline generation through retention and expansion. Falkon uses AI to unify your siloed sales, marketing, and product data, and understand what makes your best customers, channels, and reps great. These insights power automatic strategic and tactical intelligence for GTM leaders to see what's working and where to invest, and recommend the next best action for frontline marketers and sellers to generate more demand and win more deals.

How will FALKON change your Go-to-Market?

  • Pipeline Generation: Understand your ideal buyer's journey and most effective messaging and tactics, then use these insights to automatically prospect the right contacts at the right accounts with the right message.
  • Revenue Generation: Quantify your pipeline health, forecast revenue, and enforce your sales processes then leverage automated AI-based deal inspection and coaching to maximize win rate and deal velocity.
  • Revenue Protection: AI-powered models surface key indicators of expansion and churn, and automatically alert your account teams of risks and opportunities in your existing customer base.

Top 3 Features

  • Forecast

    Falkon looks at sales, marketing, and product usage data to forecast the entire revenue lifecycle - from meetings to pipeline to revenue. It also can help you determine which customers are at risk for churn and which customers have expansion potential.
  • Strategize

    Funnel Intelligence, ICP analysis, and customer journeys allow you to understand leaks and bottlenecks in your revenue funnel. Identify the profiles of accounts that are converting at the highest and fastest rates giving you what you need to make data-driven GTM Decisions.
  • Coach

    With AI-driven coaching, reps can identify the tactics that are working for prospecting, which deals to focus on, and what next best action to take to advance deals. Managers can see what makes their best reps amazing and provide data-driven coaching. Sales process enforcement ensures deals aren't lost due to lack of focus or operational rigor.

Fix The Leaky Revenue Funnel

Ideal for...
  • Chief Revenue Officer
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Marketing Management
  • Sales Management
  • Sales Development Teams

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