Generate predictable pipeline with AI-fuelled account identification & attribution is a B2B account identification & analytics solution, that helps marketers and sellers surface, qualify, and convert high-intent opportunities. Discover high-intent accounts across your website, G2 & LI, and ad impressions. Improve funnel conversions with AI-fuelled insights on your customer's journey through the funnel. Increase GTM efficiency by quantifying & evaluating the ROI of multi-faceted marketing campaigns. Any company using an Account-Based Marketing approach with multiple Go-to-Market motions should consider to analyze and improve your cost of acquisition efficiency, so you can drive more pipeline, with less spend.

How will FACTORS
change your Go-to-Market?

  • More Sales Pipeline: Boost meetings, pipeline, and quota attainment by focusing on and following up with high-intent accounts. Cold prospect without quota concerns.
  • Better Funnel Efficiency: Enhance inbound funnel conversion from traffic to customers. Identify bottlenecks, reduce drop-offs, and build more pipeline.
  • Better Results & Alignment: Measure ROI across touch-points, cut waste, and confidently scale effective efforts.

Top 3 Features

  • Account Scoring & Timeline

    Understand the account customer journey by stitching together account data from first-party and third-party engagement sources. Score based on ICP fit, intent & engagement.
  • GTM Anomaly Detection

    Weekly KPI insights report enhanced with AI-driven recommendations detect issues and isolate root causes in your GTM.
  • Customer Journey Analysis

    Aggregate prospect behavior across the funnel to understand what resonates. Focus your GTM resources on what will improve your customer experience.

Discover companies visiting your website, and empower intent-based outreach

Ideal for...
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Marketing Team (Demand, Product, Content)
  • Director/Manager of Rev Ops
  • Sales Managers
  • AEs & BDRs

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