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Revenue Leak Mitigation

Part of what caused us to create our GTM Operating System was the fact that all revenue engines are broken and leaking revenue every day. This happens because it is extremely hard for revenue leaders to find the various inefficiencies and gaps created by the complex ways B2B companies bring their products to market. BigLittle.ai empowers revenue teams to achieve optimal revenue potential by eliminating leaks in the revenue engine thereby streamlining it. This results in higher and more predictable revenue, lower CAC, and improved customer lifetime value. With seamless integration into the existing GTM tech stack, this deep-tech product detects, remediates and provides ongoing monitoring of revenue leaks, provides end-to-end analytics, actionable cross-functional insights, and governance of the revenue engine.

How will BIG LITTLE AI change your Go-to-Market?

  • Immediately address low hanging fruit issues: Revenue leaks are systemic, ongoing, and are scattered across the entire revenue cycle. They exist in lead generation, sales, product, and customer success motions. BigLittle.ai helps you uncover the leaks and address them, improving your growth efficiency quickly and in an ongoing motion.
  • Optimize and Modernize Rev Ops: In order to find these inefficiencies today, revenue teams must spend days or weeks cross analyzing data sets from different systems to locate problems. In addition this is not a one time fix. This process will need to be repeated often to ensure you are catching missed revenue that is being lost. This investment in time and resources is a significantly more expensive way to solve what BigLittle.ai can do for you, if revenue teams even have the scarce resources needed for this in the first place.

Top 3 Features

  • Revenue Leak Summary

    BigLittle.ai provides a summary of all the revenue leaks located in your revenue cycle and quantifies the risk on an issue-by-issue basis. This allows revenue leaders to prioritize which projects you should work on first to recover the leaking revenue.
  • Root Cause Analysis

    Using an AI engine, BigLIttle provides you with key root causes of your revenue leak and provides a starting point for how to resolve those issues.
  • Easily Overlays over your Existing Tech Stack

    This lightweight solution takes information in from your complete Go-to-Market systems including intent, product, marketing, sales, and customer data systems.

Continuous RevOps Improvement

Ideal for...
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Revenue Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • VP Demand Generation
  • VP Revenue Operations
  • Dir. Revenue Operations

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