Conversation Intelligence for Sales: Boost your Revenue with Real-Time Guidance and AI-Powered Automation

A typical sales leader would estimate that their CRM hygiene would rate as 4 out of 10. Moreover, when Salespeople spend up to 20% of their time logging info into a CRM, it diverts them from core sales activities. Without this data, sales leadership will be flying blind in managing the revenue health of the organization. Attention not only extracts the essential data without consuming your resources but also inputs it directly into your CRM. Attention also offers AI-driven email follow-ups post-call and provides on-call guided selling for new reps, thereby drastically reducing their ramp time.

How will Attention
change your Go-to-Market?

  • Automated CRM Updates means No More Blindspots: Diagnosing challenges with sales is one of the most complex and dynamic aspects of Go-to-Market processes. By automating the inclusion of information, you will run cleaner sales processes and have the aggregated information you need to spot risks in your revenue funnel and provide the right guidance to your sellers.
  • Improve Sales Process Follow-up: When sellers are running multiple cycles at once, it can be easy to overlook a critical follow-up that can mean the difference between getting a next call and losing an opportunity.
  • Help you Ramp New Sales Reps: The #1 Go-to-Market problem cited by companies today is that they are relying on heroic sales people who are responsible for a large percentage of a team's quota attainment.

Top 3 Features

  • One Click CRM Updates

    With a single click, take the output from your sales calls and enter them directly into the CRM.
  • Email Follow-up

    Using AI, Attention understands your conversations & sales methodology and fills up your CRM fields with one click.
  • Sales Coaching & Analysis

    Show your sales reps what to say in real-time, immediately pulled from your playbooks and best practices. Measure what's working, and A/B test messaging and fine tune performance.

Enforce winning sales behaviors

Ideal for...
  • Chief Revenue Officer
  • VP of Sales
  • Sales Leadership
  • Account Executives
  • VP Revenue Operations
  • Dir. Revenue Operations

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